3 Alternatives to Ringling Brothers Circus

In May 2017, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed up the tent for good, with all the animal abuse and times changing and many performers now out of the job, you might be wondering “Are there any other circuses around?” Yes, yes there are, In fact, I have 3 circuses for you. They may not be the 3 ringed circus, but these really pack a punch to astound.

What Happened to Ringling Brothers?

Before I get to the 3 alternatives, I want to tell what happened to Ringling Brothers. Ringling has been in business for 146 years before closing, Reason for closing? Abuse of animals…P.E.T.A or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal right orginazation, I won’t get into detail here, but you can google it and explore yourselves. In 2016, Ringling decided to remove elephants from its show and a decline in tickets was the result.
P.E.T.A finally won the battle and Ringling closed for good on May 21, 2017.

Is this the End of the Circus?

Heck to the No, it isn’t the end, P.E.T.A might had gotten their way with Ringling and the animals, but they certainly haven’t canned the circus in general. In a bit I’ll be telling you about 3 circuses you can check out and with no animal abuse in site.

What are my thoughts?

While I haven’t even thought of the animals being abused as it never crossed my mind, it is a pity to hear that they did that for all those years. I’ve been to the circus many times and had fun. My favorite stunt they do is the wheel of death.

3 Alternatives to replace Ringling brothers

And now I’m going to get around to the 3 different circuses, I won’t be including Cirque Du Soleil cause:

1. There’s alot more then 3
2. These smaller circuses need attention
3. Cirque Du Soleil gets talked about a lot, also just because it’s not 3 ringed doesn’t mean you can’t have a great circus

  1. Circus Vargas

Here’s a circus with no animals, Circus Vargas, a California based touring circus with one ring. This circus does everything that Ringling could, from the wheel of death to trapese artists and lots of humor.
Also if you arrive 45 minutes early, your family can interact with everyone and get thought how to juggle and other fun stuff.

2. Vanardos Circus

Kevin Vanardo who was in a few Ringling Brothers circuses in his early years decided to make his own circus after being at Ringling, Being a custom made circus, Kevins circus can be performed in a tent or a stage if you have one at a fair grounds and you can choose your themeing.

3. Circus 1903

Going from traditional circus on the ground with a ring to the stage, Circus 1903 is a different kind indeed. It’s not a musical, It may seem like it at first, but Circus 1903 shows from act 1 backstage and setting up to act 2 where you get to watch the circus with all its glory.

Did I mention the elephants? Yes, there are elephants, puppet versions that is, a big one and a small one. The creators thought ahead and went with puppets to represent the animal. They took the style from the show “War“ which had a horse. They took some time to make it look as realistic as possible from its moves to its size.

There you have it, 3 circuses that you can check out. Like I said the circus isn’t going away.

Question: What’s your favorite part of the circus? Comment down below and I’ll follow up.

photo credit: jolynne_martinez DSC_0813 via photopin (license)

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