3 reasons Shuttles are safer than the city bus

photo credit: Plymouth Citybus 130 M130HOD via photopin (license)

Going on the city bus is kind of a hassle. You step onto the bus, either swipe your pass or pay your bus fee with cash and the bus is full of crowded noisy people. On top of that you have to cram into the bus and hopefully search out that one seat to sit at. I’ve been there and it sucks to have to stand through a good portion of your trip.

In this post I will be explaining 3 reasons shuttles are safer than the city bus, my experiences, and how you can do better at it.

My Experience

I go on the city bus a lot for work as some people do. But what I can’t stand is when a teen puts his skateboard on the seats and is listening to music too loud for him to hear or some guy sleeping on the bus lying across the seats like a bed.

This is why I liked going to the OCTA Shuttle, I say liked cause I use to go on those, and to be honest I still wish I was. The OCTA Access buses are for disabled people who cant go on the city bus. I tired and my mom stopped me, so I’m stuck taking the city bus to work. but at least Caitlin and I take the ART bus to Disneyland on some weekends.

3 Reasons why Shuttles are a bit safer

City Buses when you think about it, they aren’t so safe, you have to be alert mostly. Be aware of your surroundings. Here are my 3 reasons why shuttles are a bit safer than the city bus.

  1. Shuttles are for hotel guest or patients at a hospital or tour groups.- When you see shuttle buses you don’t really see any random people get on. Thats cause shuttles are made for tourists or visitors.
  2. There is no creepy people. sometimes when i go on a bus theres some people who are just plain weird and creepy. some talk to themselves, talk to strangers that just want to be left alone and some that have to care in the world that they have a dirty mouth and that there are kids around.
  3. It’s not crowded. Going on a crowded bus isn’t fun, believe me, that’s pretty much why i sit in the back and away from the “pit” area. and some parents dont really tell there kids to behave, while some kids are quiet through the entire trip.

So those are my 3 reasons why Shuttles are safer than the city bus. Like I said, taking the city bus is kind of a stress. Every time I go on the bus I keep thinking something bad will happen. So i’m always on my guard.

Question: Have you ever had any problems on a bus? if so, what was it?

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photo credit: Plymouth Citybus 130 M130HOD via photopin (license)

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