3 Reasons Why I got Rid of my Fanny Pack

Remember in the 90’s when fanny packs were “in”? Well, it’s years later and it now it seem to be a stereotype for people who are nerdy, or for tourists. You might have walked by a few of these people thinking “Meh, Tourists.” But in fact, it’s pretty convenient for some people who can’t remember where they put stuff, they can just easily store it in the pouch in front of them. In this post, I’m going to tell you my experience with having a fanny pack and 3 reasons why I don’t use one anymore.

My Experience

I didn’t think I needed one though, but one day I was at Disneyland and I seemed to have lost my Disney pass on the Indiana Jones Ride after leaving, after doing that a few times more and having problems at work keeping track of my things, I realized I needed a fanny pack. So I went to Amazon and got the standard Everest Fanny pack with a cellphone holder.

It didn’t take long for the cellphone holder to start tearing out of its place, the fanny pack only lasted maybe half a year. Next, I got just the Standard version with no cellphone holder and it worked well for two years.

I took that fanny pack everywhere, my work, Disneyland, and my outings with my siblings and fiance. After those 2 years however, it starting showing a lot of wear and tear and holes formed making my coins drop when I ran. So I went to Amazon again and bought the Unisex fanny pack in 2016. It worked great til a few months ago when it showed two holes on the side, and so with that I made my decision, get rid of it.

3 reasons why I for Rid of my Fanny Pack

1. It Kept Falling Apart

As I said it kept falling apart, making my coins fall out, specially when I was trying to catch a bus and I would be looking for my coins. Luckily I decided to get a coin bag and it’s Captain America themed.

2. I Wanted a Change

Ever since 2016, I’ve been wanting to make a change in my life I thought “How can I still carry my things around and not lose them?” and then it hit me “Change it to the backpack, my fiance gave me”, I was a bit worried at first “What if I lose it?” regardless, I did it anyway and I’ve never looked back. I still use my fanny pack but just for work and just for my smart phone.

3. It was Cheap Material

I was watching Real Men Real Style on Youtube and saw him talking about the quality of leather, it’s sturdy and it’s better quality, and my fanny pack from Everest was made from Polyester, which didn’t seem to hold very well, and so I switched to my small backpack.

What I do Now Instead

My fiance got me a small Marvels backpack from Target, which costed only $30. Luckily, I had a Target gift card, which helped me pay for it. I love this backpack, cause there are leather parts to it, so it can stay sturdy.

Ever since my fiance got me the small backpack, I’ve been taking it everywhere with me, I take it to work and it’s a helped me carry ice from the Liquor store, when my parents ask me to go get ice.

Hey Thanks for Reading this Post, I hope it’s been Informational, also just cause I don’t like fanny packs, doesn’t mean you should ignore them, try one for yourself, you might like it, also if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and sign up for my email list and get a free gift and weekly blog update.

Question: Do you wear a fanny pack? If so what brand is it? Comment in the section below and I’ll follow up.

photo credit: nina.jsc tokidoki hip bag via photopin (license)

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