5 ways to entertain your kids on a trip

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Kids are a bundle of joy thats for sure, but when you end up having to want peace and quite and they end up whining and screaming and such its not that great, especially when your trying to enjoy your ride to your destination.

In this post I will be telling you the 5 ways to entertain your kids whether they be a infant or a teen.

My Experience

When I go to work i don’t take a car, I take a bus in fact I take 2 city buses. going on my trips there are a few stops where we do pick up some parents with kids. some of them are well behaved and some are kind for noisy.  Lucky i have some music on my ipod to listen to.

Kids on City, and Shuttle Buses

City Bus: when on the city bus you can easy get a bit embarrassed if your kids end up sitting next to a stranger or if your trying to stop maybe your kids pull the cord and you have to apologize  to the driver.

Shuttles: when your in a shuttle. you don’t really have to worry so much cause your kids cant pull any cords, cause shuttles don’t have them and even if they do, they aren’t enabled.

5 ways to Entertain your kids on a trip.

  1. Portable DVD player: Whether its movies or just a CD you can bring along a DVD player and get your kids occupied in this way.
  2. I spy: This is an old fashion game and yes please call me that, but i think we need something like this back, and the only thing you’ll need is a good eye.
  3. Ipod: In this digital world we live in thank the world for Ipods. you can easily popin some good tunes and have a private concert as i like to say.
  4. Ipad: these are nice cause your kids can play games or if you have a radio app and use bluetooth you can stream it, or maybe just watch a good youtube video.
  5. Snacks: A small something to tie you over. I like going to a gas station and picking up a few chips or drinks or candy bars and splitting it up, just make sure to not get messy.

These could work either in the car or bus or which ever vehicle.

What do you do to entertain your kids?

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photo credit: ipod generation via photopin (license)


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