7 Alternatives to still get your Disney Fix

Ever had that feeling when your blacked out of Disneyland, and you can’t go in? Sucks, right? I’ve had that feeling, That feeling of “Ok, I’m so excited to go to Disneyland, it’s not that crowded and I’m only gonna go on a couple rides then leave.” You hand the cast member you’re pass and they say “Sorry, your blacked out.” leaving you upset, well worry no more, luckily I have 7 alternatives for your Disney fixes that won’t break your wallet.

1.Check out Downtown Disney

I know it’s not much, but going to Downtown Disney has 6 benefits:

1. You can just walk in

2. It doesn’t require a pass to get in, although you can get discounts on food and shopping and the movies

3. It’s not as crowded as the parks except maybe the holidays and spring, summer, and winter vacation

4. It’s great to spend an afternoon or evening

5. Great food, great entertainment

6. You can explore the hotels

2 Get lost in a Disney Movie

This ones easy, just put in a DVD or VHS if your a kid of the 90’s and enjoy your favorite movie, pop some popcorn and you have a fun movie night for the whole family.

3. Go to the iTunes store or YouTube and listen or watch some Disney tunes

iTunes is the one of my favorite music player stores for getting music, I mean, yes there’s Apple music, But I find that the iTunes store more familiar to me plus I’ve been with it for awhile.

4. Download a Disney Podcast:

I love a good podcast, there’s quite a good handful of Disney podcasts on iTunes.
Here are a few suggestions:

Window to the Magic

The Dis-Unplugged

Disneyland Gazette

WDW News Today podcast

5. Get inspired by the foods that Disney movies make

What’s more fun then cooking? You can put a Disney spin on a meal and make the foods that you see in your favorite Disney movie. How about the Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast, or Ratatouille from the movie of the same name.

6. Be entertained by Disney on Ice

At your local hockey rink this touring show of professional ice skaters bring your favorite Disney characters and stories to life on ice. There are 7 shows touring the globe, each show runs for 2 hrs with an intermission.


7. Go to the Disney store at your local mall

If you have kids and you like going to the mall they’ll enjoy the Disney store.
Here you’ll find merchandise from costumes to plushies to DVD’s. Your kids can even participate in the morning to open the store. During certain times they can play games and go on hunts.

So those are my 7 alternatives to get your Disney fix on. I hope my points gave you a good idea of what to do if you ever have a blackout day at Disneyland.

Question: Are there any alternatives that you do when your pass is blocked, if so what are they? leave a comment down below and I’ll follow up with you.

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