Hey, My names Corey Robinson,

Glad you could drop by the About Page.

A Bit About Me

Born from my real mother and raised by my foster mom in Costa Mesa California I had a mild learning disability, The doctors said that might not make it, but here I am alive and kicking, and I thank god for that. 8 years later, my foster brother was born and then 3 months later my sister joined the family, we’re a colored family, my brothers Mexican, my sisters American, and I’m African American and my mom was also American and the 3 of us kids had learning disabilities. My sister has the most disability by not being able to talk much, but she does give it effort. We have to carry her mostly and she has a wheelchair.

When I got in High school, I meet my then girlfriend, now fiance, Caitlin. It wasn’t until after high school and we were in a program called S.T.E.P that we hung out more and I became her boyfriend we spent 6 years together and in that time I learned she was a diabetic type 1 and also had a Mild Learning Disability but I love her anyway. Before long we got engaged, which now we’re waiting for housing, once that has been approved, we’ll get married.

Once I got a job in 2008 at a hospital (which was set up by the program that I was in) I started learning how to take the city bus. It took a while to get around the city, but we figured out what routes to take to get to our destination such as Disneyland and Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, which both of us moved with our families on separate months. My family moved in 2011 and we’ve lived here ever since.

In 2014, I started a site called Shuttle Bus Hub to show those who are in need of help in getting to the hotel to Knotts and Disneyland instead of taking their car and have the frustration of parking and fees.

About the site

I created Shuttle Bus Hub cause I wanted to help people as well as myself get through something they don’t know that much and could save them a buck or two, also I started noticing people don’t really give these hidden gyms a second thought. Much to my surprise, most people don’t even know these exist at least it seems that way. With this website, you will know what these things do and how they can help your vacation.

When you really think about it, driving your car all those miles, gets you kind of tired. When you get to your destination, you have to fight parking and fees, with shuttle buses, you don’t have to worry much, if at all. The driver takes care of the driving and the parking. All you have to do is pay once for your trip, then sit back and relax.

Unlike other sites which has only buses for sale or sign up sites, Shuttle Bus Hub will teach you much more.

What we do different then them

You may notice that most shuttle websites are services to airports or Rent and Sell sites. Here on this site we go much further at least in Southern California. On this site you can:

  • Learn how to get the most out of your vacation with shuttles
  • Learn to save a good amount of money with passes and discounts
  • Learn about different services of shuttles
  • Learn the Tips and Tricks and get ahead of the crowd in Theme Parks.
  • Learn about different Restaurants and Malls of Southern California.

Who is this website for?

This is a site is for families who don’t really want to fight all that traffic getting to a destination, its also for disabled people like me, who don’t really drive at all. Maybe you don’t know how to drive and are using the bus as your transportation.

My fiancé and I take the Anaheim Resort Transit (Art) Shuttle to Disneyland, here in California, it takes 30 minutes from where we live, instead of asking our parents to pick us up and drop us off.

How will the site benefit you?

Unlike other sites, I’ll teach you far more. This site is where you’ll get all your shuttle bus info. Maybe you have a kid whining on the trip, I have suggestions to help out with that too. You’ll also learn how it benefits those who have a disability such as me and much more.

I hope what I bring to you is informative. Enjoy and Thanks.