Advantages PWDs can take on the OCTA Bus.

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We all know it’s a lot safer for the world to save money… Right? Well, what better way to take a vacation, then on a train, or bus rather than your car, ill talk about that in a different post, but for this one, I’d like to talk about the OCTA Bus in Orange County where I live and the advantages you can take from it for being a PWD. I mean its not just for us locals.

My experience

I Take the OCTA bus just about everyday on my commute to work, and on Sunday when me and my fiance Caitlin want to go to Disneyland or our church on Sundays. It’s only $1.50 for us as PWD. You can pretty much take the OCTA bus just about anywhere in Orange Country. In late 2016 the buses changed their name and logo from OCTA bus to OCBUS and added the express routes which I’ll tell you in a bit.

Taking the bus is easy and very convenient the prices are cheaper than a car and you don’t have to worry about doing anything. I’d suggest if you do decide to take the OCTA bus, that you know exactly what to do. That’s why I’m going to tell you the 5 advantages you can take as a PWD.

Why take the Public Bus?

You’re thinking “Why should I take a public bus when we have a Van.” well lets think of it this way. I bet that van you got isn’t really that good. The seat belts are bad the lift won’t work sometimes, and it’s kind of tight. Actually, I can think of 5 good reasons to take the Pubic bus.

It Saves Money: What better way to save money, then to ride the public bus, you can ride the OCTA bus for just $5 per trip. Disabled passengers only pay $1.50.

It Saves Time: On a public bus you can do things you can’t really do in a car where if you’re the driver you need to pay attention. The city bus you let the driver do the work and you just do whatever, such as taking a nap.

It Saves Energy: I get to a bus stop and not know when the next bus was and trust me it sucks missing that one bus you need to get to work, or school, or a destination heres a tip arrive 10 to 15 mins early and you’ll be fine.

You Don’t have to Stress: having to deal with traffic and gas prices suck with public transportation you can relax and just listen to that relaxing music playlist you made.

Advantages PWDs can take on the OCTA Bus

Disabled Passes: For just a cheap price of $1.50 you can get a disabled pass from any Vons, Ralphs, Pavilions, or North Market (with proof of being disabled as this will be in effect on October 18, 2017) or online.

Text for Next: If you want to know when the bus few buses are on a route you can text the company and they’ll text you the next 3 bus times. It’s simple just text bus, then the route number and the bus number and that’s it.

Express Bus: In June 13, 2013 OCTA announced their new line of buses called Bravo, which is the express bus that gets you to your commute faster on routes 543, it’ll only stop at the stops that have the
Bravo Sign. A few years later bus 57 and 60 got the same treatment, but got called Xpress so if you see an 57x or 60x for example.

Ok, so that’s pretty much all you need to know about the OCTA system here in Orange County,
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Question: Have you ever heard or been on the OCTA bus while on your visit here in Southern California?

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