How to Avoid Losing Luggage

photo credit: The belt via photopin (license)
photo credit: The belt via photopin (license)


Losing luggage is one thing, but avoiding it is even better. When you enter an airport and board that plane you should be able to have confidence that everything is ok. In this post I’ll be showing you how you can avoid getting you luggage stolen or lost.

How your luggage gets lost

It was put on the wrong flight: Knowing your on the right place and second guessing about your luggage isn’t a good mix. There’s a good tool I recommend to have you at ease and its a tracking tool called Lugloc.  You can also try these 2 which are similar  Trakdot and Tileapp.

It had the wrong destination: You arrive at your destination then go to the carousel to receive your luggage, only to find out it hasn’t come for a while and Panic sets in. Well for one calm down and take a breathe, its probably just delayed, just file a claim and give it to an assistant. more info on this in  a bit.

Now that you know how your baggage gets lost, you now need to know how to report the problem of your lost luggage. According to the Sita site in their book 7.3 bags per 1,000 customers were mishandled in 2014.

How to Report Lost Luggage

  1. Go to the lost and found office which is usually is located by the Carousel.
  2. Pick up and fill out a copy of the baggage form and be sure to jot down wherever your staying as well and your number.
  3. Take it to an employee or assistant.

Also something to keep in mind is to know how to check bag status. Airport will either have updates you can view online or call or them.

Since you reported this you should now be thinking of how this wont happen again. Here are a few helpful tips.

How to avoid losing your Luggage

Get a carry on: This is a good way to be frugal and that is to pack light. Most people don’t even do this which is a shame cause with a carry on you don’t have to stress with extra luggage and fees.

Put a tag on it: This is one important thing you should do with your bag and that is put a name tag. You can find these in any store or online such as target Walmart, etc. just fill out the info and put in on your luggage.

Leave important items at home: Nothing more upsetting then losing important things such as cash, credit card, medicine, a laptop, a favorite watch etc. so if you’d rather not lose it leave it behind at home. You’ll be more safe knowing that your values are safe at home and not lost somewhere on the street or crushed or anything like that. But if you must take something, I recommend you keep it on your person at all times.

Track it: A good way to not lose your luggage would be to of course track it. Here are a few tools such as trakdot and tileapp, with these you shouldn’t be able to worry where your luggage is you’ll always have a peace a mind.

Take a picture of your luggage: Something that I didn’t even think of. This would be a good idea to get ahead of the crowd. With mobile phones taking pictures and maybe some help from a cloud service. taking and having pictures into Evernote or maybe Crashplan would be a big help to you and be less stress.

Well thats my say on avoiding lost luggage, now its your turn


Have you ever lost your luggage? if so did you get back the hard way or like some of these steps did you do it the easy way?

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