How to Cancel a Shuttle

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Canceling a shuttle seems simple. I mean just say “Hey, I want to cancel this.” and they’ll probably say yes and done, right? Well or some other things there a bit more to canceling.

In This post I’ll be going over my experience, how to cancel a shuttle, how to avoid canceling too late before the time is up, and reasons you might want to cancel your shuttle.

My Experience

There was a time when I had to cancel a shuttle. In fact, it was last year when I wanted to cancel a OCTA access shuttle. The plan was for me to take access and not have to ride the city bus and I talked about what I liked about my 3 Reasons why a shuttle is safer than the city bus in another post.

I tried to get Access but my mom told me that in her opinion, it was a waste of time and that it was for the disabled who can’t take the city bus, which I could. So ignoring her, I proceeded to get everything, including the PDF paper which I had to sign problem was we were out of paper and I had to go to staples and print it for a few cents.

It took a while to figure out what my mom said, but I finally got the message. So I decided to cancel but I guess they didn’t get my message on time cause in the morning like about 6 or 7 am was the Access bus waiting for me. I told the driver I had canceled the night before.

Reasons you might want to Cancel or Change

  • Change of Plans
  • Switched to a different shuttle company like Super Shuttle or Prime Time
  • You weren’t ready
  • Wrong day and time

How to Cancel a shuttle reservation

  1. Put in your Rider ID for most sites
  2. Sign In

What Happens if I cancel my shuttle?

  • Windows and No Shows: most shuttles should have these

Windows: are just a certain stretch of time you can get to the shuttle most shuttles have a 15 or 30 minute window.

No Shows: If you or any member of your party that doesn’t show up or not able to come.

  • Canceling too late and how you can avoid it

Most shuttles will give you a certain length of days to cancel with a Refund, however if you end up canceling within those last minutes or hours of that time you will be charged a Cancellation fee and no refund. the best thing to do is make a schedule of you trip and figure out whether you need a shuttle or not for that

Now that you know How to Cancel a shuttle heres a question.

Question: how many times have you had to cancel a shuttle?

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photo credit: The sky is the limit. via photopin (license)

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