How to get Bus Passes Online

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Getting bus passes can be a hassle for some. Either you stay in line for your family of four or maybe its just the two of you, or you maybe you wanted to do it online but aren’t sure how to get them. I’ve had a struggle having to get bus passes. Cause when it comes to getting a bus pass you kind of need to choose what pass you want and it costs a lot if you have a family of four.

In this Post I will tell you how to get a bus pass online, my experiences on them, and the variety of bus passes there are.

My Experience on bus passes

Since my fiancé and me have disabilities, we have to live our lives using shuttle buses. and so far they’ve worked out fine. Since my fiance has flat feet and sometimes they cause problems, we have to bring a wheelchair to some of the locations and thankfully just like the city bus, most shuttles are Wheelchair accessible.

Some aren’t wheelchair accessible, so if that happens call or email the shuttle company of which you are taking and ask for a shuttle with a wheelchair lift, but most should have them.

How to get a Bus Pass Online

For this its either you go to a ticket/pass booth and get your pass to ride or you can do it online, like some people do. For me, I have my regional center get my passes for the bus for me. But if I were to choose, I’d choose going online to avoid lines. But for those of you who don’t know how to get them, heres how you get passes online.

How to get your passes online

  1. Go to the website of choice for your shuttle ex. or go to Google and type in the search bar
  2. Press ctrl and F if on windows  at the same time to bring up the find bar, this will help you find the item faster.
  3. Type in passes, if the bar turns red, then go back to Google type in the shuttle of choice then passes.
  4. Choose the pass you would like to have and how many you need then continue
  5. the pass should now be in the cart and ready for shipping to where you are.

Note: Shipping may depend on where you are.

Pass Variety 

Just like the fair you have a variety of passes, from the general public to reduced, here are some of the common passes as well as seasonal. Below you will see what passes are available at most buses.  The prices will vary on the shuttles that you take.

Common Passes

  • One Way
  • 1 day
  • 15 days
  • 30 days
  • Senior/ Disabled Passes or Reduced Price (must show ID)


  • Youth Passes

On Holidays you should ask if the shuttle you are planning to go on runs or not.

Ok so thats my say on bus passes and what it can do for you.

Now its your turn.

Have you ever had a bus pass? If so how’d it make your vacation easier?

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photo credit: fredcamino via photopin cc

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