How to get your Luggage back

The fast train from Stockholm stop at  Copenhagen Airport
The fast train from Stockholm stop at Copenhagen Airport

You get off the plane, you get to the airport and then you wait for your luggage. After a while you realize, it hasn’t come in. Lost or stolen Luggage is the last thing you would ever want when coming or going from a trip. In this post I’ll tell you how to get your luggage back if this has happened to you as well as how to avoid it the next time you take a trip.

How to get your Luggage back after its lost or missing

  • Stay Calm: Take a deep breathe, there’s no reason to get angry well maybe a little, but at least try to keep your cool. Screaming and shouting for your bag wont help at all. There are ways to get your luggage back.
  • Fill out a report: It would be best not to leave the airport without doing this. Calling from home won’t help much the Department of Transportation (or DOT for short) site has more info.

Go to baggage claim which is on the same floor as the place you were suppose to get your luggage and fill out a copy missing baggage form.

If nobody’s at the office, find an employee and tell them about your lost luggage. At small airports if this happens then call the airport and tell them the issue and leave the time of the call and the person you spoke to.

  • Giving up isn’t a option: You shouldn’t throw in the towel after option 2 and call it a day there are ways to get your luggage back.

Stolen Luggage or Luggage Theft

  • Call the Police and tell them what happened so they can report it.
  • Call the TSA and tell them you filed a report from the police for your stolen luggage. You must do this within 24 hrs of receiving your luggage.

How to avoid getting your luggage from being Lost or Stolen

  • Keep important items on your person: Remember the airport is not responsible for your important things. Some possessions include cash, cameras, laptops, and medicine to name a few. Leave them at home where you know they’re safe. If you must bring money bring a credit card and keep it close.
  • Travel Light: This is a good option since you don’t have to worry about leaving your luggage at the carousel you can just take it on the plane with you. If you want to know more about traveling light, I suggest you take a look at Rick Steves.
  • Use a tracking app for your bags: With apps these days it’s actually cool to know they’re a few apps that will help you track down your luggage when it goes missing or stolen or lost such as (link) Tile or
    (link) Trakdot.
  • Get a luggage Lock: These can be found at target or Walmart or you can just do some shopping online.

Those are the ways to get you luggage back at least one of them and how to avoid them altogether, anyway I’ll have another post on other ways.

OK now it’s your turn.


Have you ever lost or stolen baggage ?

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