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Restaurants have these, Concerts have these, as well as Sports, well believe it or not shuttles have these as well. They’re called Quotes. No I’m not talking about what movie actors say as a line in a movie, I mean these are more in business terms.

In this post I will be explaining what are quotes, as well as what they are and aren’t, my experience with them, ad how to make them yourself.

My Experience

When Caitlin and I go to a restaurant that’s fancy we always make a quote or ask to get in. such as a few weeks ago we went to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles which by the way is the best chicken and waffles I’ve had next to KFC, but we went to Roscoes and we were sure at first whether to out in our name or not and of course we had to cause I saw the podium in the front, so we did and waited about 40 minutes then enjoyed our chicken and waffles.

Another Story is when we went to Disneyland and they have some restaurants that you have to wait at such as the Carnation Cafe and Blue Bayou. We get lucky at some of them and they allow walk ins.

What are Quotes?

Like I said in the beginning, quotes are a business term for making a request such as when you decide to email someone like shuttles or a taxi site then they email you back with a time and such.

  • What Quotes Aren’t- You know when actors say there lines in movie? Or when a stage actor say a line. Well those are quotes, that not what I’m talking about.
  • What Quotes Are- Quotes are a way to communicate whether you got a confirmed tax or maybe u wanted to make a request on a shuttle to come to your house instead of the hotel 2 days ahead or something.

How to make a quote

  1. Go to Google
  2. Press CTRL F: this is one of those secret combos not a lot of people know about. This will help find the words you’re looking for. If the words turn red then it’s not on the page. If it’s green then you have a winner.
  3. Type the words Quote
  4. Email the desired request

Well that’s all I have to say about making Quotes.

Question: Have you made a quote to a taxi or shuttle company before? If so did it work?

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photo credit: Changing the light via photopin (license)

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