How to Plan for a Shuttle


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Going to Work everyday and almost not making the bus on time, it sucks for those of you who take a bus like me. When it comes to getting to the bus on time, you have to hustle to get there, and when you do get there its either you made it on time or you missed it and have to wait again, same thing with shuttles.

In this post I’ll explain how to plan a Shuttle, my experiences on how Caitlin and me plan a shuttle and how you can do better in the future.

My Experience

Going against the clock isn’t easy for some, I’ve been there. It creates panic, stress and havoc. For others its a walk in the park. For me its a bit of both, I use to have problems keeping a plan, till a few years back I discovered a podcast that featured a guy by the name of Micheal Hyatt and he thought me how to my life a bit simpler, so what does this have to do with the topic I have?

  • Being on Time

When Caitlin and me are trying to catch a shuttle to Disneyland, we always try to keep ahead of the shuttle by at least half and hour or less. In fact I’m still trying. We try our best to keep a schedule to be on time. Planning our day a few days or the day before is important for us. if we miss our bus we have to wait an hour for the next one, which is why I say a half an hour ahead of the shuttle, in fact any shuttle you should be a bit early and waiting at the stop.

  • Wheelchair Lift

Caitlin has flat feet which bruise after a certain amount of time, so we have to use a wheelchair. Most shuttles have Wheelchair accessible vehicles. If not, you should have someone such as an assistant or nurse help that person get transfered in the vehicle. If the shuttle needs a pass the driver will get the pass for you when you give the money.

Planning  to take a Shuttle

1. Prepare a day Early

Planning is important to Caitlin and me and we prepare everything we need a day early, if not the night before we go somewhere. For example when we go to Disneyland and take the ART bus, I bring a bottle of water, my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears, and put them in my backpack.

2. Checking On line and Off line

Its a good idea to check either on line or off line, that way you don’t Complain wheres the bus when you go out the door of your hotel. Its also a good idea to check in with the front desk about how often the shuttle runs. If your shuttle comes from companies like Super shuttle and you haven’t been picked up, you should call the company.

For us we check on line on the website. But like I said our bus comes every 40 to 60 minutes. But your route may vary.

3. Things to Keep in mind

I’ll be doing a post on what to do with the kids and about service pets but heres a few things to keep in mind.

1. Brochures

Brochures are a great on the go schedules to keep in your backpack. These brochures are located right behind the driver.

2. Visitor guides

When you Leave the Hotel ask the front desk if they have some visitor guides with discounts for Restaurants and Entertainment.

3. Be ready minutes before you get on

That means get the passes or money out. Get your child out of the stroller. Make sure you went to the restroom maybe a half an hour before the shuttle comes. this way your ahead of the others and your ready to ride the shuttle to your destination.

So there you have it,  how to plan for a Shuttle.

Now I have a Question for you:

Do you plan your shuttle or do you just play it by ear?

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photo credit: Schedule 5/6 via photopin (license)

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