What is a Shuttle Bus?

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On your way to work, or maybe school or on a nice family vacation. Why take a taxi that might get you lost or be a scam, when you can take a one way or round trip to your destination with a shuttle bus? Your probably asking whats a shuttle bus. In this post, I will be explaining what a shuttle bus is, what kind of shuttle my fiancé and me take, and the difference between the city bus vs a shuttle bus.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on any of the posts you may see.

What is a shuttle bus?

First off about shuttle buses your probably wondering, what exactly is a shuttle bus, anyway? You may have ridden in a airport shuttle, tour bus, express, or maybe even a Super-shuttle, those are shuttle buses. It can take you from one place to the other in less time then the city bus which goes from stop to stop.

Our shuttle experience

An example would be my fiancé and me taking a Shuttle called the Anaheim Resort Transit or ART for short, to Disneyland from our houses. We don’t drive, so we have to rely on shuttles for our transportation. The shuttle picks us up from Best Western hotel a few blocks from our house.

City vs Shuttle buses

I’ll be going into a bit more on this in another post. But basically the difference between the city bus and taking a shuttle bus is that,

City Buses takes a while. So unless you pay attention to the schedule whether online or in a bus book, you should do this first thing, so you don’t end up like others, who run to the bus late.

Shuttle Buses on the other hand you pay for each ride and they take you straight there, some Buses you will need a ticket or pass to ride but most are free, it depends on what kind of shuttle bus or fleet you take, I’ll explain in another post about what those are.

Ok, my say is done, now I have a question for you:

Have you been on a shuttle bus? If so how’d it work out for you?

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photo credit: Jasperdo via photopin cc

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