4 ways shuttles can benefit the Disabled


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Being a disabled is kind of difficult for some. for others its easy and they don’t really let it bug them. but when it comes to people in wheel chairs the only way to get around in this world is by city bus or shuttle or maybe a accessible van you family might have.

In this post I’ll be explaining 4 ways shuttles can benefit the disabled, and my experiences.

My Experience

Being disabled isn’t a bad thing. its just trying to fit in. on my half of things i have a learning disability meaning i learn slow, have memory problems, have self esteem issues and i get angry easily, but throughout Ive been able to control that but getting back to the topic at hand,

Shuttles have been a nice thing for my Fiance and I. so far we’ve rode the ART shuttle and the OCTA shuttle, both of these services are great. they both arrive pretty much on time and get you to your destination. the difference with the OCTA from the ART is not just the Disneyland side, but you have to register and take a 2 and a half to 3 hour test to see if you can pass to get on this bus.

4 ways Shuttles can benefit the Disabled

In my experience with taking both the city bus and shuttles i have found 4 different ways that you can benefit from.

  1. They get discounts: This is the greatest thing my fiancé and me have come across in the last few years is discounts. For those of you who don’t know what Discounts are, they’re a way to save money on whatever regular price that item was or is.
  2. They get a reduced price: Most shuttles or buses should have these of course you’ll need an ID of some sort maybe state ID or bus ID you’ll have to ask to be sure. You might need to check how much the price is on line or maybe ask the driver.
  3. They get special passes: If you go to your local store check the list it might be the last price. Also you might want to call or check online whether the special pass is available or not.
  4. They get special seating for being in a wheelchair: If your in a wheel chair you’ll get access to the wheelchair ramp or lift and all you have to do is give them your Pass and they’ll do it for you, if not then ask.

Ok, time for a question: Do you or if you have a child is he or she disabled? What is your disability?

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photo credit: Prime Flight via photopin (license)

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