Shuttles Late and what to do in the future

photo credit:  via photopin (license)
photo credit: via photopin (license)


Being late sucks believe me I know, I’ve done it a few times to my work. Whether its missing a bus to work or you forgot something at home and had to go back and get it, or maybe your stuck in traffic. There’s always at one time or another stopping us from trying to be early to somewhere, But theres something you can do about it.

In this post I will be talking about if your shuttle ends up ends up being ate and how you can be better about it in the future, My Experiences of the OCTA Access, and what you can do if your shuttle I late and should you get a refund and How.

 My Experiences: Waking up late for Work

There was more than one time that I woke up and had to call in late at work. Whether I woke up late or my bus was late. I hated waking up and decided to make a morning routine Thanks to Michael Hyatt.

Our Bus is Late

I have been late to work before or picking up my fiancé for church cause I slept in late accidentally. It’s not a good feeling. Like the time I had to wait with my job coach after I was done at my job site from the S.T.E.P Program and it was time to go home. My partner got her shuttle on time. we had to wait pass the 30 minute window and we had to call the OCTA company. Sometimes I had to call my mom when the bus ended up stranding me.

Another story is when my fiancé Caitlin and I were done at Disneyland for the ART bus and waiting for the ART bus to take us home. We waited an hour or so. we finally decided to call Caitlins mom.

My shuttles late can I get a refund?

While I haven’t had problems to the point where i wanted a refund, I can understand people getting stranded, you would have to call and have it done on a debit or credit card.

Also, heres a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t Panic and take a breathe: Step back and take a few  breathes. Let your anger go and relax, and realize its not just you, its also the few people ahead of you as well.
  • Delays will happen: Unfortunately life those delays at us nothing we can do about it. the few delays should be its either a wheelchair pickup or drop off, or the bus or van broke down and they’ll have to send out a new one.
  • Realize the driver is like the rest of us: You may not think about it since your frustrated but the driver you are counting on is human and not perfect. He or she does have a family, problems and all. So you shouldn’t be too mad at them.
  • Call the company and explain the situation: Calling the company is your best bet next to your friends and family members. Just call the company and explain your situation and then wait for instructions.

Well thats my say on Shuttle buses being late and What to do in the future, now its your turn.

Question: Have you ever been in a delay? if so what happened?

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