Do shuttles run on the Holidays?


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Holidays are a nice treat, maybe you go out or maybe you stay home. If you’re deciding to go on vacation you should be asking a few questions. Also you should be doing a few safety checks and those what what we will be going through here.

In this post I will be telling you if shuttles run on the holiday, what you can do to stay ahead of time, and my experience with trying to get a bus for going to work.

My Experience

Holidays are great, but some people have to work, well i almost had to. Like the time my boss asked me to work Christmas Day, at the time my thoughts were um…”I don’t want to.” course latter my mom said i might get a bonus and that made me think different.

I told my boss it might be difficult since I take the city bus and wasn’t sure whether they ran on the holidays. So we spend an hour or so trying to call the OCTA company and get a good enough answer to get me to come to work. in the end we just decided to just forget it and i had my holiday off.

What to Expect

  • Detours: I almost freak out when detours happen cause its not the normal thing, but it rarely happens like when roads are being redone. Just ask the driver and that’ll help you out.
  • Might be Late: There are a few times Caitlin and me have waited for a bus cause of its lateness. Since we have to take a shuttle we have to wait.
  • Might not come at all: This don’t really happen much for any shuttle. But then again some shuttles don’t really run on the holidays.

How to Avoid Disaster on the Holidays

  • Check on line first: This is what Caitlin and me and that is check on line first and foremost.
  • Call the Company and make sure: If you don’t want to check on line and go to the company straight then you are free to do so.
  • Remember It’s the Holidays:  This is one of the things people going on trip should consider. it is the holidays and buses might or might not come

Ok question time

Where have you been to for a Holiday Vacation?

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photo credit: The Connector via photopin (license)

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